Taboga and Panama Holiday Calendar

Isla Taboga has the most important beach located only 25 minutes from central Panama city wth a population of 1.5 million persons. On Weekends and Holidays hundreds of day and overnight visitors come to San Pedro village beaches for a day in the sun and clean, clear, warm water.  Tabogas San Pedro village has a few small hotels.

Thus, it is important to plan ahead and establish reservations as early as possible to assure an overnight stay on the island.


Day description


01  January        

New years day

Special menu

09  January

Mothers day

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05  March

Saturday Carnival

06  March

Sunday Carnival

07  March

Monday Carnival

08  March

Tuesday shrove Carnival

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09  March

Wednesday Ash Carnival

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04 April

End the high season

low season  

21 April

Maundy Thursday

End Hi Season 7 months

22 April

Good Friday

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23 April

Holy Saturday        

24 April

Easter Day

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01 May

Labor day

29 June

San Pedro Fiesta Taboga

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16 July        

Virgin del Carmen

Special menu

15 October

begin high season April 4.

03 November

Independence day

05 November

Colon Day

10 November

Shout in Villa de los Santos

28 November

Independence from Spain

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08 December

Mothers Day

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24 December

Christmas Eve        

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25 December

Christmas day        

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31 December

New Years Eve

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