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Our office location in Panama:
In Panama City, we are located in the Plaza Paitilla Mall, Unit #49, in the “Punta Paitilla” area.
To contact us, feel free to call from the US 954-282-2814 or from Panama at 209-5657.

1. Our service is free to you
2. We save you money
3. We recommend only the best tours and hotels
4. We are licensed and insured
5. We have offices both in Panama and the USA

You can also email us to the following 

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Property Listings on Taboga

  • Homes
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  • Land
  • Rentals both short and long term

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Modern day Pirates still are on Taboga

Our local Taboga entertainment for adults and children looking at a living history full of adventure and misgivings for enjoyment.

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When you come to Panama.

Escape Panama City for a day, or longer.  Come to Isla Taboga where there are no cars, no consumer price tags, no push and shove, just peace and place to call home.  It's the Island of Flowers, an island of perennial blossoms, humble people, and a very special paradise.