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Agua Sol Villa Lodge Taboga

Weddings are Special

Taboga known as the Isla Flores with a never-ending rhythm of waves washing ashore and the breathtaking combination of blue skies white sands, Verdi tropical mountains, colorful rocks with breaking waves, 500 year old Island village with a histoy and the second oldest church in all the Americas. Taboga is the place to walk with few cars no traffic lights or sounds other then the conversations with the friendly Taboganos.

Agua Sol Villa Lodge an art inspired private villa located on the water with a private ocean entry. The villa can accommodate 16 in a 3 room and a 2 room and Ocean deck suite. If you prefer a unique Villa as the location to share your special day with family and close friends then Agua Sol Villa in the center of San Pedro Village directly below the 500 year old Church is the place to consider.

The wedding can take place on the Beach, in the Church, on Agua Sol Villa ocean deck, or on a mountain top with a expansive view of ocean, islands, ships, panama city skyline, or on a sailboat.

The Villas Ocean Rock Cafe is well known for its excellent gourmet seafood dishes. The entire menue can be planned for a banquet and all meals during your Island visit.

The Villa and Ocean Rock Cafe may be reserved for your wedding for a day or any period of time for you and your family and friends.

Taboga is well known for its many annual fiestas, so consider a boat decorated for the occasion followed by other boats taking a circle Island tour over the calm oceans next to the towering mountain with over hanging cliffs and trees full of ocean birds. Bring along a small band and keep the drinks cold in a cooler. Stop for a dip in the clear warm waters.

We can plan as much as you wish for this very special event, Airport pick up, Ferry or private boat to and from the island, special decorations and flowers, the wedding banquet, and three meals a day for the villa guest. The Ocean Rock Café has an open bar to serve refreshment of your choice while you talk and dance a few feet from the ocean and take in the morning sunrise with a Bloody Mary then take a dip and swim with tropical fish in the warm waters.


This event can be for a few hours or better a total family experience lasting a relaxing few days or even a week. If ocean, sun, tropical mountain island, village life, art decorated ocean front villa with gourmet tropical food is your desire the Agua Sol Villa can provide you your life long memories.

Contact us any time to help you plan this very special event.

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