Ocean Rock Cafe

The Ocean Rock Cafe is located in the Agua Sol Villa Hotel on the villas ocean deck only a few feet above the ocean.

The Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with American and Panama tropical dishes of fish, beef, Chicken, shrimp and pork.  The Ocean Rock Cafe bar features tropical blend cocktails, beer, wine, juice, coffee, te, and cappuccino.

Ocean Deck Cafe visitors take photos, enjoy the food, and have conversation with the other cafe dinners. The Ocean Rock Cafe is an unusual enjoyable dining experience that world travelers and Panama City visitors have discovered. 

Food and bar service hours


7:30 am

9:30 am


12:00 pm

2:00 pm


6:00 pm

8:30 pm

Entertainment and events

are announced on our Blog

Saturday afternoon music by the sea will have jazz and other music starting at 1:00 going to 5:00

The first performance last an hour with a 30 minute break followed by the next performance of an hour. The entertainment is open for villa guest and day visitors.

Buffet will be provided at a fixed price starting at 11:00 PM and is closed during the performance. Bar refreshments sold at the bar also closed during performance.

Music Event tickets are sold at the door and over the internet. Space is limited so reserve ahead. The event is on the Agua Sol Villa Ocean deck.

We can arrange special ferry service for groups of 40 or more persons.

The Agua Sol Ocean Villa Music events are styled after the long term tradition of The Beach House in Half moon Bay, Northern California. Over 20 years of performances by leading groups has attracted a loyal group of music lovers.

Groups and Clubs

Can arrange special events for any day of the week.

Fishermen specials

Villa guest fisherman can request special fish dishes prepared with their ketch of the day.

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