About Taboga Island

Today, the town of San Pedro has less than 1000 inhabitants. The Village streets and paths, wind in a seemingly endless maze among the 283 dwellings. Taboganos make their living from the ocean, and many are seafarers.  Traffic is non exhistant. Half a dozen golf carts are used by weekend homeowners from Panama City and residents A few small trucks used for everything from carrying islander belongings to and from the ferry to hauling cargo and building supplies to carrying passengers up the village hill. Most residents walk and the town of San Pedro is so small, you are never more than 5 minutes from anywhere else.
The center of San Pedro is the town plaza and the second oldest church in the hemisphere. Like any plaza in a Latin American pueblo, the plaza on Isla Taboga is the place where people of all ages congregate to talk, play games, or just sit and relax.

The plaza is also the site of the many festivals that occur on the island almost every month. See Holiday calandar

Taboag is the place to visit year round, rainy season or the tourist season. Tropical rain squals arrive and leave in less than an hour. Isla Taboga is a place special to the hearts of all those who visit its shores.

There is a small island in front of what used to be Hotel Taboga. This island is called El Morro. When the tide goes out, it is possible to walk to the island, where there is an old English cemetery and foundation of a 150 year old ship yard.

Taboga has several beaches. Playa Honda beach is on the left as you come off the pier. There are several roofed structures there that can be used for free. La Restinga beach is on the right side of the pier. It is frequently visited because of its fine sand and because it is near El Morro Island. This beach can be easily accessed without any problem. You can always bring your food and snacks, as long as you take the trash back with you. There are rocky areas under the water where there are tropical fish and a variety of mollusks. This a good beach for you to practice snorkeling. Other areas have calm water, good for kayaking. The island has several restaurants where you can find food and beverages.

Carnival is one of the most important celebrations for the less than 1000 people that inhabit the island. Even though the biggest carnival celebrations take place in Las Tablas, celebrations on Taboga Island are still popular. The first Carnival ever held in Panama was held on Taboga Island.

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